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From the chef

A chef who puts love into her local Nagano cuisine in tandem with her husband.

Soba Dokoro Monogusa_YONEYAMA KIMIE

Born in August 8th, 1954 in Nagano Prefecture. Her husband had been working for four years as a salaryman, when he decided he wanted to make a restaurant that could serve the local cuisine from where he was born. He then started training to be a soba chef, and in 1982, they opened the store of their dreams, Sobadokoro Monogusa. From pickled vegetables to desert, she assumes the role of making the local Nagano cuisine along with her husband who makes the soba. They named the shop after the Nagano folk legend "Monogusa Taro". Visiting customers often wish them well, hoping that they get along well as husband and wife, live long a time and have a happy life.


Soba Dokoro Monogusa


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050-5263-1777 (+81-50-5263-1777)

Shop: 0263-36-4705 (+81-263-36-4705)

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10 min. walk from Matsumoto Station.
Japanese / Basashi (horse meat sashimi),Japanese / Soba (noodles),Japanese / Local Japanese / Udon/Soba (noodles),Japanese
Average price
Dinner: 1,000 JPY / Lunch: 950 JPY
Hours: 11:30-22:00. Break from 14:00-17:30. (last order: 22:00) Lunch: 11:30-14:00

3-5-23 Fukashi , Matsumoto-shi, Nagano map

Address (for taxi driver )
English services
English menu and English-speaking staff available.
Credit cards accepted
American Express / Diners Club / MasterCard / Visa
English menu / English-speaking staff / Free Wi-Fi / Lunch / Western cutlery / Smoking allowed / Reservations / Reserved rooms / Child friendly / Coupons/vouchers / Tatami room / Kotatsu (heated table) / course meals / Large shochu selection / Large sake selection

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