The 10 unmissable restaurants in Kyoto and Osaka area, May 2019

Publish-date: May 15 2019 Update-date: Jun 17 2020
The 10 unmissable restaurants in Kyoto and Osaka area, May 2019

Planning a trip to Kyoto and Osaka area and looking for something specific to eat? There are plenty of restaurants to suit every tastes. Discover the best places to eat here, from traditional meal and quintessentially comfort food to western-style dishes and varied ethnic cuisine.

1. Kyoto Nishiki Tempura Sakaba Taneshichi

Kyoto Nishiki Tempura Sakaba Taneshichi cuisine
Kyoto Nishiki Tempura Sakaba Taneshichi floor
[Kyoto Nishiki Tempura Sakaba Taneshichi] is approximately 3 minutes walk from exit No.14 of Karasuma Station on Hankyu Railway Kyoto Line. They serve various kinds of tempura, from regular to unique ones, and sake (Japanese alcohol) which go well with the cuisine. The sweetness of the vegetables are stocked fresh from a vegetable shop in the area, and they become even tastier when deep-fried. During lunchtime, you can enjoy seasoned cod roe as much as you like, and sake at a reasonable price. They serve rare sake as well, including one with the same name as the owner. At night, you can enjoy all-you-can-drink from 1,000 JPY. Regardless of age or gender, casually visit our Japanese pub with a fun atmosphere to enjoy the cuisine and alcohol at a reasonable price.

Kyoto Nishiki Tempura Sakaba Taneshichi

Open: Lunch 11:00 am - 2:00 pm / 11:00 am - 10:00 pm (L.O. 9:30 pm) 
Closed: Irregular
Average price: [Dinner] 3,000 JPY / [Lunch] 1,000 JPY
Access: 3 minutes walk from Exit No.14 of [Karasuma Station] on Hankyu Railway Kyoto Line
Address: 1F, 538-1 Yaoya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto

2. Unagi Kappo Maehara Kyoto branch

Unagi Kappo Maehara Kyoto branch cuisine
Unagi Kappo Maehara Kyoto branch floor
Maehara, with its dignified presence in Marutamachi, is a famous restaurant that cannot be ignored when discussing eel cuisine in Kyoto. The eel used here is the flavorful and luxurious Kyosui Unagi from Shizuoka Prefecture, which is served a variety of different ways, such as grilled, on rice, and as shabu-shabu (sliced and parboiled with vegetables). It has long captivated discerning guests from Japan and abroad. The three types of [Eel Kaiseki] and [Eel Shabu Kaiseki] are recommended to thoroughly experience the appeal. In particular, the rare shabu-shabu made by dipping raw eel in dashi (broth) is an outstanding dish through which you can discover a new flavor of eel. The restaurant is in a house with great atmosphere decorated in a beautiful, traditional Japanese style with counter seating with a view of the plants, horigotatsu (sunken kotatsu table), and private rooms. This is an ideal restaurant for anniversary dates, business dinners, and family celebrations special, and is the perfect place for a memorable dinner while traveling.

Unagi Kappo Maehara Kyoto branch

Open: [Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - Sunday, National Holidays, Day before National Holidays] Lunch 11:30 am - 2:00 pm (L.O. 1:30 pm), Dinner 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm (L.O. 9:00 pm)
Closed: Wednesday
Average price: [Dinner] 15,000 JPY / [Lunch] 5,000 JPY
Access: 5-minute walk from the No. 6 exit of [Marutamachi Station]
Address: 108-1, Ryogaemachi-dori Nijo-agaru Kita Koji-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto (Map)
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3. Kobe Beef Steak SAKURA

Kobe Beef Steak SAKURA cuisine
Kobe Beef Steak SAKURA floor
Kobe Beef Steak SAKURA is a restaurant that offers a memorable dining experience with courses of premium Kobe beef and seasonal ingredients. A5 grade Kobe beef is served in two ways: as teppanyaki steak and teppanyaki shabu-shabu (sliced meat parboiled with vegetables). The restaurant enchants guests with courses full of ingredients from the sea and land, including colorful appetizers, chawanmushi (egg custard) finished on the griddle, rice freshly cooked in an earthen pot, and vegetables that are simply grilled to bring out their natural flavors. They stock ingredients of the highest quality, including seafood that is indispensable to teppanyaki, such as prawns and abalone. The interior is decorated to represent Japanese aesthetics that create an extraordinary atmosphere, with colorful paper lanterns made of Japanese washi paper and golden leaf folding screens with drawings of cherry blossoms and dragons. Indulge in the thrilling performance and attentive hospitality at the three counters in the restaurant.

Kobe Beef Steak SAKURA

Open: Lunch 11:30 am - 3:00 pm (L.O. 2:30 pm) / Dinner 5:00 pm - 10:30 pm (L.O. 9:00 pm)
Closed: Monday
Average price: [Dinner] 15,000 JPY / [Lunch] 5,000 JPY
Access: 5-minute walk from [Sannomiya Station]. On the 2nd floor of the building next to Ikuta Shrine.
Address: 203, Lion Bldg. Sannomiya, 2-17-10, Shimoyamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe city, Hyogo (Map)
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4. Authentic Teppanyaki Steak Misono, Kobe Main branch

Authentic Teppanyaki Steak Misono, Kobe Main branch cuisine
Authentic Teppanyaki Steak Misono, Kobe Main branch floor
Enjoy an excellent menu of dishes at Misono,  a stalwart of ''teppan'' iron griddle cooking. Their selection includes world-famous ''Kobe Beef'' as well as ''Misono`s Specially Selected Wagyu'' which features handpicked A4 and A5 rank Kuroge wagyu beef. Misono also offers an abundant selection of high-end seafood, including lobster, abalone, and more. Their teppan grills are densely built for maximum temperature control. That way every dish can be freshly cooked as soon as it`s ordered, and guests can enjoy their meal right then and there since every seat is situated in front of a grill. And when it comes to pairing up drinks with the food, they offer ''Fukuju'' sake, which comes from a well-known local brewery. Misono has made partnerships with breweries so that guests can enjoy their steak paired up with the best sake brands around. Each dish here is prepared with time-honored traditions that make for a truly delicious dining experience. The dining space inside can accommodate banquet meals and group dining occasions, including birthday parties and more.

Authentic Teppanyaki Steak Misono, Kobe Main branch

Open: Lunch: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm (L.O. 1:30 pm) / Dinner: 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm (L.O. 9:00 pm )
Closed: None
Average price: [Dinner] 15,000 JPY / [Lunch] 5,000 JPY
Access: 2 minutes walk toward North from the West Exit of the [Sannomiya Station], the Hankyu Kobe line; directly outside of the West Exit 1, the Sannomiya station, the Kobe city subway lines.
Address: 8F, Misono Building, 1-1-2 Shimo-yamatedori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo (Map)
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5. Tanba Sasayama Omiya Shinsaibashi branch

Tanba Sasayama Omiya   Shinsaibashi branch cuisine
Tanba Sasayama Omiya   Shinsaibashi branch floor
Just 5 minutes from Shinsaibashi station, look out for the large paper lantern with "Botan Nabe'' written on it. With a focus on table seating in a spacious location, the dimly lit ambiance makes for the perfect place to sit back and relax. Established in 1949 and directly managed by a wild game wholesaler, Tamba Sasayama Omiya was born from the idea "to provide the top quality wild game cuisine in Japan continuously." In addition to typical game such as deer and boar, they also offer rare game such as duck, Japanese pheasant, and bear. The specially selected wild boar roast has excellent marbling, is extremely tender, and brimming with that special "umami" flavor. When you try our delicious meats, having a good time with close friends, surrounded by the famous Tamba Sasayama sake, hot pot dishes, and steak, you won't be able to keep yourself from smiling. The shop also has all kinds of goods perfect for souvenirs or gifts.

Tanba Sasayama Omiya Shinsaibashi branch

Open: [Weekdays and Saturdays] 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm (L.O. 10:30 pm)
Closed: Sunday, National Holidays
Average price: [Dinner] 4,000 JPY
Access: 5 minutes walk from the [Shinsaibashi] or [Namba Station] on the Osaka Metro Lines.
Address: 103 North Building, Queen`s Court Building, 2-3-2 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka

6. Washoku Ishizu

Washoku Ishizu cuisine
Washoku Ishizu floor
[Washoku Ishizu] expresses the belief of the owner, that is to offer authentic Japanese cuisine at a reasonable price. They add new charms to traditional Japanese cuisine, by bringing out the original tastes of the ingredients with each other. Enjoy their best value with [Hot Pot with Soft-Shelled Turtle and Shark Fin]. They also carefully-select other ingredients, such as Saga Beef of A4 rank or higher, and fresh vegetables from the market. The restaurant is popular not only with the exquisite dishes cooked with skillful cooking techniques but also with the owner's friendly personality which is loved by many customers. He also designed our relaxing Japanese-modern space using an abundance of solid woods. Gourmets visit every night, seeking for savory dishes created through an endless spirit of inquiry towards ingredients.  

Washoku Ishizu

Open: [Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - Sunday] Dinner 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Closed: Wednesday
Average price: [Dinner] 8,000 JPY
Access: 3 minutes walk from [Nishi Ohashi Station] on Osaka Metro Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line and [Yotsubashi Station] on Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line
Address: 1F, Kiei Bldg., 1-15-9 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka city, Osaka (Map)
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7. Sushi Matsuyama

Sushi Matsuyama cuisine
Sushi Matsuyama floor
[Sushi Matsuyama] was opened in October 2018. Gourmets are attracted by the "Edo-style nigiri" that applies artisan handiwork to seasonal fresh ingredients. The sushi rice made with Hinohikari from Nara is seasoned with Edo-style red vinegar. High-quality ingredients are selected at the market to provide an exceptional flavor for "the best sushi of the day."  Sake lovers can determine the most delicious sushi and sake pairings with a variety of sake, including "Yamashiroya." You can enjoy various drinking styles from fragrant high-grade sake to warm sake. When sitting at the elegant counters of the first and second floors, you can have the sophisticated experience of tasting sushi made by an artisan right before your eyes. There is a upscale room for special occasions such as entertaining or anniversaries. It is also recommended when you wish to convey "Japaneseness" to foreign friends. 

Sushi Matsuyama

Open: [Tuesday - Sunday, National Holidays, Day before National Holidays]Dinner 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm (L.O.10:30 pm)
Closed: Monday
Average price: [Dinner] 8,000 JPY
Access: 2 minutes walk from the JR [Shinfukushima Station] or the Hanshin [Fukushima Station]; 5 minutes walk from the JR [Fukushima station]
Address: 5-10-9 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka City, Osaka

8. Gallery Cafe Ikarugagakusya

Gallery Cafe Ikarugagakusya cuisine
Gallery Cafe Ikarugagakusya floor
In the Gallery Cafe Ikarugagakusha with the interior done by Shinkosha, a construction company specializing in temples and shrines, the miniature shrines, temples, and rafters on display allow you to experience "Miyadaiku" or tradition Japanese shrine and temple construction up close. The concept of the shop is local production for local consumption. You can enjoy our "Yakuzen Lunch" prepared by Mr. Atsuko Takahashi, internationally certified in traditional medicinal cooking (yakuzen). You can also feast on delicious sweets prepared by our very own Madam Shuto. She uses only locally sourced ingredients and takes advantage of all the charm our areas seasonal fruits have to offer. This establishment is loved by the neighborhood patrons as a place where you can get power from the fresh seasonal ingredients, as well as a place to feel refreshed and relaxed. It is perfect for a quick break when visiting the Fujinoki Tombs or the World Heritage Site "Horyuji."

Gallery Cafe Ikarugagakusya

Open: [Wednesday-Sunday, National Holidays, Day before National Holidays] 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Opening hours: 9:00-until dusk)
Closed: Monday, Tuesday
Average price: [Dinner] 1,600 JPY / [Lunch] 1,600 JPY
Access: Get off the train at the [Horyuji station], the JR Kansai main line. 10 minutes walk toward West from the Horyuji temple: approx. 200 m north from the Ikaruga Town Hall.
Address: 1-3-3 Horyuji-nishi, Ikaruga-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara (Map)
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9. Setsugetsuka Hanare

Setsugetsuka Hanare cuisine
Setsugetsuka Hanare floor
Extra-large, meaty, wild [Abalone] from Sanriku. Silky [Foie Gras]. High-quality ingredients like these are exactingly selected and cooked right in front of diners on a griddle here for the perfect amount of time needed to bring the umami (Japanese savory taste) to its full potential, a feat that earned the restaurant a star in 2014. Setsugetsuka Hanare was opened in Sannomiya in 2014 with the goal of creating delicious dishes that would surpass the main location. The stunningly delicious [Kobe Beef Sirloin Steak] is made with Kobe beef that's been aged over a long period of time, resulting in superb umami and texture. This steak's exterior is seared with a high flame, creating a crisp outside texture, and the ingenious cooking process makes for a melt-in-your-mouth piece of meat. There are private rooms available for parties of 5 all the way to parties of 16. When you've finished eating, relax and enjoy the beautiful nighttime views from the restaurant.

Setsugetsuka Hanare

Open: [Weekdays, Day before National Holidays] 5:30 pm - 11:00 pm (L.O. 9:30 pm)[Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays] 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm (L.O. 9:30 pm)
Closed: Irregular
Average price: [Dinner] 20,000 JPY
Access: Exit JR [Sannomiya Station] West Exit and head north. Go straight towards the corner with the docomo store and turn left at the second Lawson store. Cross the road to the right at the next light, and it will be next to Nakahyogo Shinkin Bank.
Address: 8F, La Doll Ray Kobe Sannomiya Bldg., 1-25-6, Nakayamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo (Map)
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10. Benvenuto

Benvenuto cuisine
Benvenuto floor
This restaurant has a high ceiling, stone walls with a warm atmosphere, and wide tables. Old lumber from a 150-year-old bridge in the U.S. was installed for the wooden frame of the building and the wine rack. The restaurant is filled with the mild sunlight in the daytime, and illuminated at night, which creates another charm. They offer a wide variety of authentic Italian dishes created by the chef with a sense and tongue, who accumulated experiences in Italy. Their large-sized restaurant of approximately 21,000 sq ft, with spacious parking, faces the road. Even when it is very crowded, you do not have to worry about parking. Thoroughly enjoy a luxurious moment, forgetting your everyday life, with great cuisine at the spacious restaurant. 


Open: [Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - Sunday, Day before National Holidays] Lunch 11:30 am - 2:00 pm (L.O. 2:00 pm) / Dinner 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm (L.O. 9:30 pm)
Closed: Wednesday, National Holidays
Average price: [Dinner] 7,000 JPY / [Lunch] 1,500 JPY
Access: 1,210 meters from Gakuenmae Station by car
Address: 1-2-14 Tomigaoka, Nara city, Nara
Disclaimer: All information is accurate at time of publication.
Publish-date: May 14 2019 Update-date: Jun 17 2020

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