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Bonito dishes from Makurazaki that delight locals and visitors alike.

This dish is known throughout Kagoshima as an inexpensive comfort food. Rice is topped with pickled bonito, minced bonito, and high grade bonito flake read mores. Enjoy the melange of flavors on their own at first, then pour on the high grade bonito dashi (Japanese fish broth) and eat the dish as if it were ochazuke (rice with tea poured on). Makurazaki is known as one of Japan's leading bonito fishing towns. At Ichifuku, you can enjoy a variety of dishes cooked using fresh fish straight from the local harbor. There is sashimi (raw fish slices), tataki (seared bonito), miso-braised bonito, and much more. Ichifuku is a restaurant enjoyed by both locals and tourists. A wide selection of dishes are served to delight all customers. Rooms are available to seat large parties. There is a tatami room on the second floor and a room with tables on the third floor, fitting groups of up to 50 people. learn more from chef

  • English menu
  • English-speaking staff
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Lunch
  • Late-night service
  • No smoking
  • Special dietary requests
  • Western cutlery

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0993-72-3347 (+81-993-72-3347)

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Right near the station. A 10-second walk.
Japanese / Tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet),Japanese / Sashimi (raw fish)/Seafood,Japanese / General / Japanese,Japanese
Lunch From 11:00 am (L.O. 2:00 pm) / Dinner From 5:00 pm (L.O. 8:00 pm)
paymentsAverage price
Dinner: 2,000 JPY / Lunch: 690 JPY
credit_cardMethod of payment
Credit Card Accepted
Visa / JCB / DC Card / UC Card / American Express / NICOS / Master Card

8 Higashihonmachi, Makurazaki, Kagoshima map

Ichifuku Makurazaki no Ajidokoro_Outside view
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translateEnglish services
English-speaking staff available.
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Japanese Dining Etiquette

Japanese Dining Etiquette - TONKATSU (fried pork cutlet) Japanese Dining Etiquette - PRIVATE ROOM