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Facing the shining Seto Inland Sea
The center of udon noodle culture
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Kagawa Area Map

Kagawa prefecture, facing the Seto Inland Sea of many small islands, is known as an “udon noodle prefecture,” with the consumption of udon noodle is number one in Japan. From self-service ones to popular ones with people making a line, you can find udon restaurants everywhere in the prefecture and taste delicious and firm udon noodle with reasonable price. You can never overlook many cultural heritage sites such as Konpira Shrine and Marukame Castle. It is a good idea to join the Art-trip where you can visit small islands on the Seto Inland Sea and enjoy many art pieces.
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    Access from major landmarks

    Kansai Airport - Takamatsu station
    From Kansai Airport to Shin-Osaka station
    Forty-eight minutes (via JR limited express Haruka)
    From Shin-Osaka station to Okayama station
    Fifty-one minutes (via JR Shinkansen Nozomi)
    From Okayama station to Takamatsu station
    Fifty-five minutes (via JR Rapid marine liner)

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    Kagawa - Chef's Recommendation

    Here, we introduce the truly delicious cuisine recommended by the chefs.
    Chef's Recommendation Chef's Recommendation
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