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Sightseeing base for the Izumo Region. Ruins, shrines, historic townscape…it’s a full of attractive sightseeing spots.
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Area Map

Izumo City is the second largest city in Shimane Prefecture and used to be the center of the ancient Izumo Kingdom. There are many ruins and shrines inside and around the city including the Izumo Taisha shrine. One of the most famous spots is the Kojindani ruins - the site was said to be the greatest discovery in the century. All of the excavated 358 bronze swords, 6 bell-shaped bronze vessels, and 16 bronze spearheads have been designated as National Treasures. The site is now prepared as a park, and you can visit the reconstructed pit dwellings. Excavated bronze wares are now exhibited at the Shiname Museum of Ancient Izumo right next to the Izumo Taisha shrine. As there are many sightseeing spots around the area, Izumo is full of hotels and restaurants. So it is recommended to make Izumo City as the base of your trip.
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Kojindani ruins
873-8, Kanba, Hikawa-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane

Shiname Museum of Ancient Izumo
99-4, Taisyachokizukihigashi, Izumo-shi, Shimane

Access from major landmarks

Haneda Airport - Izumo-shi station
From Haneda Airport to Izumo Airport
One hour Thirty minutes (via JAL)
From Izumo Airport to Izumo-shi station
Twenty-five minutes (via bus)

Tokyo Station - Izumo-shi station
From Tokyo Station to Okayama Station
Three hour Thirty minutes (via Shinkansen Nozomi)
From Okayama Station to Izumo-shi station
Thirty hour (via Limited express Yakumo)
From Tokyo Station to Izumo-shi station
Twelve hour (via Sleeping Limited Express Sunrise Izumo)

Kojindani ruins
From Izumo-shi station to Kojindani ruins
Twenty minutes (via Tax)

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