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Full of sightseeing spots including the ruins of the Tumulus Period, castles and samurai mansions in the Edo Period.
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As a part of the ancient Izumo Kingdom, there are many shrines that enshrine gods in Japanese myths, and ancient tombs in Izumo City. They are a bit far from the city center, so it is a good idea to rent a car or a bicycle. Just watching the sun sets in the Lake Shinji on the historic site will give you an exceptional experience. Another attraction Matsue offers is the castles and samurai mansions that have been remaining in good condition as they were built in the Edo Period. These historic buildings are located inside the city so you can take your time to explore these valuable sites while strolling around the town. There is a hot spring district in the city with a full of well-equipped hotels and restaurants, too. You may feel that you like to stay as long as your time would allow.
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    Matsue Station
    472-2, Asahi-machi, Matsue, Shimane

    Access from major landmarks

    Haneda Airport - Matsue station
    From Haneda Airport to Izumo Airport
    One hour Thirty minutes (via JAL)
    From Izumo Airport to Matsue station
    Twenty-five minutes (via bus)

    Tokyo Station - Izumo-shi station
    From Tokyo Station to Okayama Station
    Three hour Thirty minutes (via Shinkansen Nozomi)
    From Okayama Station to Matsue station
    Two hour thirty minutes (via Limited express Yakumo)
    From Tokyo Station to Matsue station
    Eleven hour thirty minutes (via Sleeping Limited Express Sunrise Izumo)

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