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Enjoy the castle town Hagi and
the rich taste of globefish
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Yamaguchi Area Map

Yamaguchi offers a number of famous sightseeing spots such as Akiyoshidai karst plateau, Akiyoshido limestone cave, the castle town of Hagi, Shoin Shrine, Shokasonjuku school…the list goes on. One of the most famous local specialties is globefish. You can never experience the fresh aroma and consistency of the fish elsewhere with affordable price. You can also enjoy many other local dishes such as Kawara soba noodle, Bari soba noodle, chishanamasu salad, and kencho. Processed globefish products can be good souvenirs.
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    Access from major landmarks

    Fukuoka Airport - Saga station
    From Fukuoka Airport to Hakata station
    Five minutes (via Municipal Subway)
    From Hakata station to Shin-yamaguchi station
    Thirty-seven minutes (via JR Shinkansen Nozomi)
    From Shin-yamaguchi station to Yamaguchi station
    Twelve minutes (via JR express Super Oki)

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    Yamaguchi - Chef's Recommendation

    Here, we introduce the truly delicious cuisine recommended by the chefs.
    Chef's Recommendation Chef's Recommendation
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