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D.T. Suzuki Museum

Quiet place for contemplation, following the philosophy of Suzuki Daisetsu.
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D.T. Suzuki Museum
Suzuki Daisetsu is a Buddhism philosopher from Kanazawa city and D.T. Suzuki Museum was built in order to proliferate his philosophy and idea. The museum consists of three wings connected by corridors: an Entrance Wing, an Exhibition Wing and a Contemplative Wing, and three gardens: the Vestibule Garden, the Water Mirror Garden and the Roji Garden. The Exhibition wing displays his books and photos. Visitors can learn about the philosophy of Suzuki and engage in their own contemplation as they move through the wings and gardens. The museum is a symbol of Kanazawa city with stone walls and water landscapes decorates the compound. The contrast between the white wall buildings and the exuberant green area behind them makes a solemn atmosphere.
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    D.T. Suzuki Museum, Kanazawa
    3-4-20, Honda-machi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa

    Access from major landmarks

    Kanazawa Station - D.T. Suzuki Museum
    From Kanazawa Station to Hondacho
    Twenty minutes (via bus)
    From Hondacho to D.T. Suzuki Museum
    Four minutes (via walk)

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