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Kumamoto Castle

A castle where you can encounter the 400 years history. One of the three great castles in Japan.
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Kumamoto Castle
Kumamoto castle is one of the three great castles in Japan, built at the center of Kumamoto City with dignity. It was built by a great commander Kato Kiyomasa in 1607. It is also called a “Ginkgo castle” because there is a big ginkgo tree in front of the donjon square, which is said to have been planted by Kato Kiyomasa. It’s “Kiyomasa style” stone wall is very characteristic; the slope of the stone wall becomes steeper as you climb it up, making it difficult for enemy warriors to come into the precincts. The unique construction is called “Musha-gaesi,” or samurai repulser. The castle area is about 98 hectare, consisting of tall and short donjons, 49 turrets, 18 yagura-mon gates, and 29 castle gates -- it's a splendor architecture with 5.3-kilometer circumference.
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    Kumamoto Castle
    1-1, Honmaru, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto

    Access from major landmarks

    Kumamoto Station - Kumamoto-jo Castle
    Kumamotoekimae Streetcar stop to Kumamoto-jo Shiyakushomae Streetcar stop
    Ten minutes (via Streetcar)
    From Kumamoto-jo Shiyakushomae Streetcar stop to Kumamoto-jo Castle
    Three minutes (via walk)

    From Kumamotoekimae bus stop to Kotsu senta bus stop
    Ten minutes (via bus)
    From Kotsu senta bus stop to Kumamoto-jo Castle
    Five minutes (via walk)

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