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Dainichibo Temple

Founded by Kobo Daishi Kukai.A temple where you can meet a holy priest, Sokushinbutu Shin-nyokai.
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Dainichibo Temple
Dainichibo is located in a quiet country area. Mt. Yudonosan used to be closed to women, but in 807, Kobo daishi Kukai founded and opened the temple where everyone, both men and women, can visit and pray. The Nio-mon gate is a designated Prefectural Cultural Property, and the main shrine building enshrines a sacred statue of Yudonosan Daigongen god, which was sculptured by Kukai himself. The Hokyointo, a kind of pagoda, was built during the Edo Period. Also there is a tomb of a son of the 12th Emperor Keiko. The highlight is the body of a holy priest, Shin-nyokai, a priest who practiced austerity to the point of death and mummification. His sacred figure praying for the salvation of people will be impressive.
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    Yudonosan Sohonji Ryusuiji Kongo-in Oami Dainichibo Temple
    11 oami nyudo tsuruoka-shi Yamagata

    Access from major landmarks

    Yamagata Station - Haguro-san
    From Yamagata Station to Shinjo Station
    Forty-five minutes (via JR Shinkansen Tsubasa)
    From Shinjo Station to Amarume Station
    Fifty-five minutes (via JR Rikuusai-sen)
    From Amarume Station to Tsuruoka Station
    Eleven minutes (via JR limited express Inaho)
    From Tsuruoka Station to oami-kyoku mae
    Forty minutes (via bus)

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