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Nakano Broadway

The center of subculture where figure and anime fans gather.
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Nakano Broadway
At the far end of Sunmall shopping street that is extending from Nakano Station is the center of subculture, "Nakano Broadway." The shopping complex (4 floors over the ground, 1 floor underground) contains as many as 200 shops that cover everything from restaurants to fashion, miscellaneous goods, books, toys, etc. Among those shops, what made the place so famous are the shops where young people so called otaku (geek) gather, specialized in manga comics, figures and anime-related goods. The representative shop is "Mandarake." Nakano Broadway should be more accessible for visitors than Akihabara because there are many shops other than manga/anime-related shops, you are always welcomed if you are interested in subculture.
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    5-25-15, Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

    Access from major landmarks

    From Tokyo station to Nakano station
    ・Twenty minutes (via JR Chuo Line Rapid)
    ・Exit Nakano station, Five minutes walk

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