Terms of Use

Article 1 (Terms)

  • 1. In the provision of “SAVOR JAPAN” (hereinafter “this site”) operated by USEN Media Corporation (hereinafter “Company”), the terms of use applied to users of this site (hereinafter “users”, or “users etc.” when including “members” as defined in Article 5) shall be as follows under the “SAVOR JAPAN Terms of Use” (hereinafter “these terms”).
  • 2. Where there are usage terms posted on the site in addition to these terms, said terms shall constitute part of these terms.
  • 3. Users etc. that use this site shall be deemed to have agreed to these terms.
  • 4. These terms shall be posted on this site, and the terms posted on this site shall always be up to date, and shall be so applied.
  • 5. The company may alter these terms of use from time to time.

Article 2 (Service Content)

Through this website, the Company provides information on restaurants (hereinafter “the service”).

Article 3 (Use of the Service)

  • 1. Users shall use the service by preparing the equipment, software, and means of communication necessary to use the service, at their own cost and responsibility.
  • 2. The Company shall not assume any responsibility with regard to the preparation or methods of users in using the service.

Article 4 (Changes to Service Content)

The Company may change, stop or discontinue the service without notice to users. In such an event, the Company shall not be responsible in any way to the users.

Article 5 (Member Subscription and Cancelation)

  • 1. The Company shall provide the following functions (hereinafter “member services”) to users that have registered as members (hereinafter “members”)..
    • ( 1 ) Posting of Customer Reviews
    • ( 2 ) Bookmarks
  • 2. Users that wish to use member services shall register themselves using the form designated by the company with agreement of these terms of use, the “Handling of personal information (https://usen.media/rules/privacy2/)”, and “SAVOR JAPAN Privacy policy (https://usen.media/rules/privacy1/)” terms set out separately by the Company.
  • 3. The Company reserves the right, at its own discretion, to refuse to recognize member registrations or cancel member registrations which it deems inappropriate. In this case, the Company shall not disclose their reasons.
  • 4. When members wish to unsubscribe from member services, they shall unsubscribe by notifying the company by the prescribed method.

Article 6 (Personal Information of Members)

  • 1. Members' personal information held by the Company shall be treated appropriately based on the “SAVOR JAPAN Privacy policy” separately stipulated by the Company and “Handling of personal information
  • 2. The Company shall obtain the personal information for the following purposes from users upon their registration as members. The Company shall not provide the personal information of members to any third party outside of the scope of the purpose of use without the prior consent of members.
    Purpose of Use
    • ( 1 ) Provision of member services
    • ( 2 ) Site notices and advertising delivery etc.
    • ( 3 ) Delivery of mail magazine about this service
    • ( 4 ) Delivery of campaign, sweepstakes, questionnaires etc.
    • ( 5 ) Creation of statistics
    Obtained Personal Information
    • ( 1 ) Email address
    • ( 2 ) Password
    • ( 3 ) Age
    • ( 4 ) Nationality
    • ( 5 ) Gender
  • 3. In the event of changes to their registered personal information, members shall promptly provide notice of the changes using the prescribed form.
  • 4. When notification does not reach users due to discrepancies or errors in member registration information, or when such hinders the use of the service, the Company shall bear no liability.
  • 5. The Company may disclose the personal information of members which it has acquired based on legal requests for the disclosure of information from public institutions such as police, prosecutors or courts. The personal information of members may also be disclosed when necessary in the event of a clear and current risk to the protection of the Company services, property or rights, or to human life, or other emergency. In this case, the Company shall incur no liability.

Article 7 (Posting of Customer Reviews)

  • 1. Members can post customer reviews on the site.
  • 2. Members shall agree in advance to the disclosure of their nationality, gender, and age (referred to below as “attributes”, excluding ID and password) when posting customer reviews.
  • 3. The Company prohibits the posting of customer reviews containing each of the following.
    • ( 1 ) Dissemination of rumors, or content which slanders specific individuals or organizations or damages their business.
    • ( 2 ) Falsified content or images (the posting of content which was not experienced by the poster, and rumors or other messages for which the facts have not been confirmed are prohibited in this regard)
    • ( 3 ) Content which harms the honor and credit of third parties
    • ( 4 ) Content related to election campaigning or soliciting to particular thoughts or religions, or which otherwise infringes on the rights of others.
    • ( 5 ) Content reproduced from web sites or bulletin boards etc. operated by third parties (whether or not the member holds the copyright)
    • ( 6 ) Personal Information (Address, name, phone number, email address or URL etc. which can identify a member or third person or site)
    • ( 7 ) Malicious slander, libel or calls for boycotts of products, services, third parties, restaurants or companies etc.
    • ( 8 ) Content aimed at profit such as product advertising etc., or aimed at job seekers
    • ( 9 ) Obscene, discriminatory or illegal content which may offend viewers or is contrary to public policy, or content deemed by the company to be similar in nature
    • (10) Repetitive or multiple posts or images of the same products or services etc.
    • (11) Content containing a large amount of data, determined by the Company to apply an excessive burden on the Company servers
    • (12) Content which is not based on objective evidence, with a great deal of guessing or speculation with no reference to experience etc.
    • (13) Content or images deemed to be inappropriate to the purposes of the site
    • (14) Other content which impedes the operation or the site or causes trouble to third parties
  • 4. Where the customer reviews posted by members violate laws and regulations, these terms, or are deemed by the Company to be violations of such, or that are deemed by the company to be inappropriate to the operation of the site, the Company may remove all or part of said customer review from the site without notification to the member, and members shall consent to this in advance.
  • 5. When members post a customer review to the site, they are deemed to have pre-consented to grant the Company or a third party as designated by the Company with the non-exclusive, free and indefinite usage rights of said customer review (the right to use, duplicate, perform, play, screen, publicly transmit, publicly transfer, dictate, exhibit, distribute, transfer, lease, translate, adapt, or produce derivative works, irrespective of the purpose of use, as well as the right to alter within the scope deemed necessary by the company for business purposes. Including sublicensing these rights to a third party.), without geographical limitation, and agree to not exercise moral rights as an author with regard to the customer review. Note that intellectual property rights (copyright, design rights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights or other rights related to business expertise, the same to apply below) and other rights associated with customer reviews posted by members remain with the member, and do not change before or after posting
  • 6. In the event that a member unsubscribes or where the member registration corresponds with Article 5 paragraph 3, the Company may continue to use the member’s customer reviews at their own discretion, or may delete all or part from the site as appropriate, and the member hereby consents to this in advance.

Article 8 (Prohibitions)

Users may not perform the following acts in the use of the site.

  • ( 1 ) Acts which infringe or may infringe on the intellectual property such as copyright, privacy, or good name of the Company, other users etc. or other third party.
  • ( 2 ) Pretending to be the Company employees or other users.
  • ( 3 ) Attempting to falsify service content.
  • ( 4 ) Users utilizing all or part of the service and its tools or commercial purposes.
  • ( 5 ) Using the service to disseminate chain emails, spam email or junk email etc.
  • ( 6 ) Acts which destroy or limit computer software or hardware using viruses etc., or other access to the site for improper purposes.
  • ( 7 ) Collecting, publishing or leaking the personal information of other users.
  • ( 8 ) Acts of crime or acts which lead to or glorify crime.
  • ( 9 ) Use of the service or access to the site, in whole or in part, for purposes other than enjoying private browsing (regardless of the form of use, such as use, duplication, copy, sale or screening etc.).
  • (10) Use of the service name of the site, names or restaurants or cuisine used on the site or other trademarks for commercial purposes without the prior consent of the rights holder.
  • (11) Acts in violation of the law or contrary to public policy.
  • (12) Acts which interfere with the business of the Company
  • (13) Other acts deemed inappropriate by the Company

Article 9 (Exemption from Liability)

  • 1. The Company shall be exempt from the following
    • ( 1 ) Ensuring the completeness, accuracy, safety and newness of information posted on the site.
    • ( 2 ) Ensuring that the service meet the expectations of users.
    • ( 3 ) Ensuring that there are no faults, problems or errors in the provision of the service.
    • ( 4 ) Ensuring that the products, services and information obtained through the service meet the expectations of users.
    • ( 5 ) Ensuring no damage from the advertisements on the site, or from transactions based on the advertisements on the site.
  • 2. All claims, damages or requests resulting from trouble caused by the use of this site by users etc., the disclosure of self-information, connection to this site or the violation of these terms shall be resolved at the cost and responsibility of the user etc. Also, in the event that this results in costs to the Company or other monetary damages etc., the Company may claim the payment of said costs or damages (including attorney fees paid by the Company) from the user etc.

Article 10 (Handling Links)

  • 1. The Company does not assume any responsibility for trouble or damage to the terms or activities of third party web sites or resources linked by the service or this website.
  • 2. In principle, people are free to link to this site. However, links that are placed shall be deemed to be communications with the Company, and shall link to the front page of this site. Where the content of linked sites or link methods correspond with any of the following, you may be asked to remove the link.
    • ( 1 ) Not contrary to public policy
    • ( 2 ) Not likely to lead to criminal behavior
    • ( 3 ) Not associated with pre-election activities, campaigning or other similar acts
    • ( 4 ) Not religious or ideological content
    • ( 5 ) Not defamatory or slanderous of third parties
    • ( 6 ) Not infringe on the intellectual property or privacy rights of third parties
    • ( 7 ) Not infringe on the copyrights of third parties
    • ( 8 ) Not for commercial or sales purposes
    • ( 9 ) Not conflict with other laws

Article 11 (Intellectual Property)

  • 1.The intellectual property associated with all works included in this service or its contents (text, pictures, photographs, audio, video, programs etc. and other derivative works), including copyrights, logos, service mars and other trademarks etc., are assumed to be the property of the Company or the original rights holders, and are protected by the Copyright Act, Trademark Act or other intellectual property laws and regulations.
  • 2.Users etc. shall recognize that the following acts may infringe copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights under the service, and shall not act to infringe these rights.
    • ( 1 ) Duplication of content obtained through the service.
    • ( 2 ) Transmit or enable the transmission of all or part of the content of the service, or the distribution, sale, transfer, lease, translation, adaptation or licensing to third parties.
    • ( 3 ) Removing technical protections applied to content such as copying or retransmission limits.
    • ( 4 ) Public transmission of the content (to an unspecified number of people).
  • 3. In the event that users etc. violate this section and infringe on the intellectual property rights of the Company or original rights holders, the Company may request an injunction against the copyright infringer, and the Company may claim any damages suffered as a result, or any benefit obtained by the user etc.

Article 12 (Disclaimer)

  • 1. The Company provides the service on an as is basis, for the private application of its users etc., and does not bear any responsibility for the performance, accuracy, completeness, applicability or usefulness of the provided content or data etc.
  • 2. Regarding any damages suffered by users etc. or third parties as a result of the use of the service or an inability to use the service (including any damages caused by disputes arising between users etc. and third parties), other than for those reasons specified within these terms, the Company shall accept no liability and shall not be responsible for the payment of any compensation for damages.

Article 13 (Changes to Terms)

  • 1. The Company may alter the terms of this Agreement at the Company's own discretion in the following;
    • ( 1 ) the changes to terms will comply with the general profit of users,
    • ( 2 ) the changes to terms will be reasonable in light of the purpose of these terms, the need for a fundamental changes, validity of changes and changed contents.
  • 2. The Company shall publish on this site about changed contents and the date of entry into force of the changes until the date of entry.
  • 3. Users etc. shall be assumed to acknowledge the changed to content at the point at which users use the service after the date of entry.

Article 14 (Governing Laws, Jurisdiction)

These terms and conditions are subject to Japanese laws. In addition, in the event of a dispute between the Company and users etc. in relation to this site, the service, or its terms and conditions, the Tokyo District Court shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction.

Supplementary Provisions
Implemented on February 2, 2015
Revised on March 26, 2020