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It's like a boxer who is faithful to the basics, but can also play brilliant games. Behind the gorgeous appearance of food, the techniques are carefully accumulated one by one. The good balance of seriousness, cheerfulness and humor of the general is reflected in the food as it is.
Dec 30 2020

Ishida shinji


  • Japanese / Kaiseki (course menu)
Every time you visit, you will come across new and never-before-seen dishes. It is full of fun ideas and has a high sense of surprise. It is a restaurant that respects Mr. Yamamoto's attitude toward cooking and makes me want to come again.
Dec 23 2020
Whether it's meat dishes or fish dishes, the charcoal fire is exquisite and I think the way to make the best use of the ingredients is wonderful. I love the orthodox and stable Japanese food that brings out the umami straight, and I visit it once a month.
Dec 07 2020

Sugimachi shingo


  • Japanese / Japanese
It is a shop run by the same shop that used to work at the same shop. Dashi-based dishes are attractive, and we recommend Japanese dishes with a little extra work!
Nov 07 2020

Wakaoji yu


  • Taverns / Izakaya (Japanese tavern)
Japanese Restaurant Haruyama, located in Mita, Minato-ku, is a completely reserved Japanese restaurant. The dishes are prepared with plenty of seasonal ingredients, and you can enjoy the greatness of Japanese food. A restaurant that makes you feel delicious regardless of what you eat. It is difficult to make reservations for popular stores, but it is a store that you want to work hard and hold on special days such as anniversaries.
Jul 24 2019

Kasamatsu shin-ichi


  • Japanese / Japanese
It is a kaiseki restaurant where you can taste Japanese cuisine consisting of seasonal high-quality, high-quality ingredients. It's a nice shop where you can be attentive, kind and friendly, and relax. In a sophisticated and chic space, you can relax. Even at lunch, you can enjoy quality food that is more than quality.
Mar 05 2019

Kitamura atsushi


  • Japanese / Japanese
It is a kaiseki restaurant where you can taste Japanese food at a reasonable price. You can taste solid Japanese food by young shopkeepers who are particular about pesticide-free ingredients. While cherish the basics, you can enjoy your meal because it has its own cuisine. In particular, the "fried rice" with glutinous rice on top of the bowl was a good item. It is a house where you can spend a pleasant time from the beginning to the end with homemade dishes such as home-made tarako.
Feb 25 2019

A quiet place in a residential area [Japanese cuisine Haruyama]. A fully booked Japanese restaurant located in Mita, Minato Ward. The food that the shopkeeper Haruhiko Yamamoto creates is all delicate, and only the specialties that I made in mind. I will always study. An attractive restaurant with an excellent balance of all dishes and a great course flow. It is one special house that you want to use for the hospitality of the important person.
May 21 2018
A Japanese restaurant located in Mita, Tokyo. I admire the taste of the dishes that Mr. Yamamoto, who is the shop owner, gives out How to combine the ingredients, the flow of the whole course, etc. All the balance is exquisite. Also, I think it is a dish that reflects the greatness of the character of the shopkeeper.
Mar 01 2018

Tomii kazuya


  • Japanese / Japanese
It is about 8 minutes on foot from Minato Ward Mita, Shirokane Takanawa Station [Japanese food Haruyama]. A former colleague also works at a senior store in Gifu's school days, and when I go there is fun like an alumni association. It has been awarded a star in Michelin, and it is a popular restaurant where you can recommend food without hesitation or make reservations difficult.
Feb 27 2017

Koizumi koji


  • Japanese / Kaiseki (course menu)
I am a classmate at the age of a vocational school, but the shop owner Yamamoto's ideas and the combination of ingredients are great.
Jan 05 2017
The owner of the shop and I are in the same year, and the number of seats in the shop and the price range are similar as well, but this [Haruyama] is a shop that represents Japanese food in Tokyo. Kyoto-style Japanese food has a lot of shops, but Mr. Yamamoto has been trained in Gifu, and places where you can taste Japanese food from Gifu are wonderful.
Dec 08 2015

Takahashi yujiro


  • Italian/French / French
I will go when you want to cook with confidence. I like foods that burn and taste come straight.
Dec 02 2015
This [Japanese Cuisine Haruyama] is a Japanese cuisine restaurant where the heartwarming cuisine is delicious and conveys the willingness of "wanting to please our customers" from Mr. Yamamoto, the general. It is located in Tokyo, Mita.
May 17 2015

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8 minutes walk from Shirokane-takanawa station on the Tokyo Metro subway
Japanese / General,Japanese / Kaiseki (tea-ceremony dishes) / Kaiseki (course menu),Japanese
Average price
Dinner: 17,000 JPY / Lunch: 6,000 JPY
[Tuesday - Sunday, National Holidays, Day before National Holidays] Dinner: 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm (L.O. 9:30 pm ) [Tuesday, Thursday - Sunday, National Holidays, Day before National Holidays] Lunch: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm (L.O. 1:30 pm )

B1F, Grande Mita, 2-17-29, Mita , Minato-ku, Tokyo map

Address (for taxi driver )
English services
Credit cards accepted
American Express / Diners Club / MasterCard / Visa
Lunch / No smoking / Special diet / Reservations / Reserved rooms / course meals

*Please add a special request for inquiries regarding smoking/non-smoking.