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Spectacular natural masterpiece
Full of rich sea foods
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Kochi Area Map

Kochi is a treasure house of natural beauty, such as the Japan’s last clear stream Shimanto river, one of Japan’s three most famous limestone caves Ryugado, a sheer cliff of Ashizuri cape, Muroto cape, and Katsurahama beach which is well known as a good place for viewing the moon. Kochi is also famous for rich sea foods and river fish, boasting the largest quantity of bonito catch in Japan. If you visit Kochi in August, why don’t you join the gorgeous and exciting Yosakoi Matsuri Festival where 20,000 dancers stroll around the city in unique costumes.
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    Access from major landmarks

    Kansai Airport - Kouchi station

    From Kansai Airport to Shin-Osaka station
    Forty-eight minutes (via JR limited express Haruka)
    From Shin-Osaka station to Okayama station
    Fifty-one minutes (via JR Shinkansen Nozomi)
    From Okayama station to Kouchi station
    One hundred forty-six minutes (via JR limited express Nanpu)

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