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Let's have fun! Enjoy yummy foods!
The most exciting city in Japan.
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A town of business, a treasure trove for the gourmet, a town of humanity…that's Osaka city. The northern area "Kita," centered around a commercial complex Osaka Station City, is the shopping heaven with many shops including a range of stylish clothing stores, accessories shops and miscellaneous goods shops. On the contrary "Minami" area including Dotonbori and Namba, is the food heaven where you can taste and enjoy an overwhelming amount of foods at a wide variety of restaurants. Osaka is also a lively venue of many sport events such as baseball and soccer, and in March a sumo tournament is held every year. Also Osaka is known as a town of humanity. When you stroll around Shinsekai and Tennoji districts where Tsutenkaku Tower and Abeno Harukas are towering, you may find the human warmth here and there. You can never miss to visit the Osaka Castle, too. In the summer you can enjoy festivals and fireworks - Osaka is really an energetic city with limitless enjoyment.
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    Osaka station
    1 3-Chome, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

    Access from major landmarks

    Kansai Airport station to Umeda station
    ・From Kansai International Airport to Kansai Airport station
    ・Six minutes (via walk)
    From Kansai Airport station to Tennoji Station
    ・Thirty minutes (via JR limited express Haruka)
    From Tennoji Station to Osaka station
    ・Twenty minutes (via JR Osaka Loop Line)
    From Osaka Station to Umeda Station
    ・Approx. 6 minutes by walk
    Kansai International Airport to Nanba station
    ・FromKansai International Airport to Kansai Airport station
    ・Six minutes (via walk)
    From Kansai Airport station to Nanba station
    ・Forty minutes (via Nankai express Rapit)

    Attractions near Umeda

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    • Nishi-Umeda


      Umeda Sky Buidling

    • Higashi-Dori/Doyama



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