Discover Affordable and Delicious Casual Dining at AEON MALL KYOTO!

Update-date: Jun 08 2024
Discover Affordable and Delicious
Casual Dining at AEON MALL KYOTO!

Have you already planned your next trip to Kyoto? Why not enjoy casual Japanese gourmet that satisfies both taste and affordability? This article will explore the world of casual Japanese dining and introduce some of the best recommended restaurants.

What is Japanese casual gourmet?

Casual gourmet is cuisine that can be eaten affordably and easily. It encompasses a wide range of everyday foods that are universally loved, from traditional comfort foods, which are celebrated as staples of Japanese cuisine, to local specialties unique to specific regions.  Many casual gourmet alternatives are inspired by the history and environment of many regions around Japan, allowing customers to immerse themselves in the local cuisine culture by consuming these dishes.

Richly varied Japanese casual gourmet

For representative Japanese gourmet options, ramen, conveyor belt sushi, soba, udon, and omurice (omelet rice) come to mind. In addition, foods that have been long beloved in each region, including takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and kushikatsu (skewers) in Osaka, Sanuki udon in Kagawa, and champon noodles in Nagasaki, are all popular as Japanese gourmet options. These foods are served in various locations, including not only restaurants but also food stalls, stand-and-eat restaurants, areas for eating while walking, and food courts. This variety allows people to enjoy them even more freely over time.

Enjoy casual gourmet at AEON MALL KYOTO!

If you're visiting Kyoto, you definitely need to try all the casual cuisine it has to offer! For this, AEON MALL KYOTO, located just a 5-minute walk from Kyoto Station, is the perfect place. It is a shopping mall that has around 130 establishments, including shops such as supermarkets, daily good stores, and miscellaneous goods stores, as well as activity facilities and movie theaters. But the best part? It's packed with delicious food options. AEON MALL KYOTO has restaurants originated in Osaka and Kyoto, in addition to cafes and fast-food restaurants and a food court that lets one purchase food they like from 11 different restaurants. Let's take a look at some of the Japanese casual gourmet options you can experience at AEON MALL KYOTO!

Enjoy delicious food at AEON MALL KYOTO at our Recommended restaurants

1.   Seijuro - Osaka Okonomiyaki

1.   Seijuro - Osaka Okonomiyaki
Seijuro comes from Osaka, the home of okonomiyaki. Their Okonomiyaki is their standard menu item, with its fluffy textures and use of traditional broth. However, the restaurant's recommendation is their monjayaki, which is rare in Japan's Kansai region. Their most popular item, the Seijuro Special Monja, is 1,380 JPY and comes packed with squid, shrimp, pork, rice cake, corn, lots of cabbage, baby star ramen, and tempura scraps. The double broth, which uses Japanese broth and chicken bone soup, is the deciding factor that makes the flavors even deeper. 
Discover Affordable and DeliciousCasual Dining at AEON MALL KYOTO!
Quite different from okonomiyaki, which is cooked in a kitchen and then served, the live sense that diners get from witnessing the crew cook on an iron-grill in front of them is absolutely irresistible. First, the ingredients are cooked, then a "dike" is made around them, and then the dough is poured in the center. When it starts smelling fragrant, enjoy it by scooping it out with the small ladle. The key is to press it down with the spatula to get a nice crispy edge. The flavors are so captivating that you'll be hooked after just one bite. It's especially popular with tourists from China and Western countries. Many people even come alone to enjoy it!

*Tell staff that you learned about the restaurant from the SAVOR JAPAN article to receive a 5% discount.
Discover Affordable and DeliciousCasual Dining at AEON MALL KYOTO!

Seijuro - Osaka Okonomiyaki

Open: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Location: Sakura Building 1F Food Terrace

2. Kushiya Monogatari (Skewers)

2. Kushiya Monogatari (Skewers)
Discover Affordable and DeliciousCasual Dining at AEON MALL KYOTO!
A self-service buffet restaurant where visitors make the skewer cuts themselves, with a very engaging atmosphere in which guests are able to indulge themselves as much as they like at the designated time. This restaurant offers skewer menu items as well as side dishes like curries and noodles, 70 types of cuisine for all-you-can-eat, including dessert, and moderate rates starting at 1,700 JPY (90 minutes) for 1 adult for weekday lunch and 2,300 JPY (90 minutes) for weekday dinner. They feature over 30 types of fried skewers, ranging from conventional beef, hog loin, and shrimp to takoyaki, smoked cheese, and grilled sea bass. They also take great care with their batter, employing special flour and breadcrumbs with minimal oil content, resulting in a crispy surface and a juicy inside.
Discover Affordable and DeliciousCasual Dining at AEON MALL KYOTO!
This restaurant describes the best way to fry each component using an approximated skewer frying chart, making it ideal for beginners. In addition to the traditional skewer cuts sauce, there are usually around 7 other sauces available, including shredded daikon radish, ponzu sauce, and plum sauce, so diners may choose whatever sauce they prefer. Vegetarians can also relax with the veggie skewers and a wide selection of salads.
Discover Affordable and DeliciousCasual Dining at AEON MALL KYOTO!

Kushiya Monogatari

Open: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Location: Sakura Building 4th floor

3.  Tsukiji Gindaco (Takoyaki)

3.  Tsukiji Gindaco (Takoyaki)
Tsukiji Gindaco is a well-known takoyaki restaurant franchise. They have a presence in the AEON MALL KYOTO food court, and both their eat-in and take-out choices are quite popular. Their signature dish is just amazing!! Takoyaki (eat 638 JPY, take away 626 JPY)'s major ingredient is meticulously selected and employs high-quality octopus from all over the world.
Discover Affordable and DeliciousCasual Dining at AEON MALL KYOTO!
The octopus is delivered fresh to the restaurant, hand-cut, and incorporated with the dough, allowing visitors to savor its plump, chewy texture. The sauce is also produced in a unique way, resulting in rich tastes that highlight the richness of the apples and onions. The menu includes a wide selection of toppings, including cheese, mentaiko, and teritama, making it enjoyable for customers to share everything with their friends!
Discover Affordable and DeliciousCasual Dining at AEON MALL KYOTO!

Tsukiji Gindaco

Open: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Location: Sakura Building 4th Floor Food court

Spicy Tsukemen dipping noodles and classic fastfood

 Spicy Tsukemen dipping noodles and classic fastfood
Discover Affordable and DeliciousCasual Dining at AEON MALL KYOTO!
The food court on 4F of the Sakura Building has a Gindaco in addition to a rich lineup of casual gourmet options. They offer a wide range of eateries serving anything from Japanese comfort food to local specialties. These options include the sandwich shop SUBWAY, which arrived at the food court in December 2023; Tsukemen TETSU, which features a rich triple soup that combines pork bone and chicken bone soups with seafood broth; Ikinari Steak, where guests can enjoy iron-griddled steak for reasonable prices; and Ringer Hut, which serves Nagasaki champon. The best part of a food court is that everyone can bring their food from different places and enjoy it together at the same table!

Enjoy Japanese casual gourmet at AEON MALL KYOTO

AEON MALL KYOTO, where customers may experience all types of Japanese casual gourmet in one place, is a real gourmet paradise. It offers a variety of must-eat items all in one place, ensuring visitors will never get bored, no matter how often they return. This should be the first stop for anyone visiting Kyoto!


AEON MALL Specialty Stores: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
KOHYO (Sakura Building 1st floor): 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
Food Court (Sakura Building 4th floor): 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
*Last order times vary by store.
Restaurant Area (Sakura Building 4th floor): 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
*Some stores have different opening hours.
Address: 1 Nishikujo Toriiguchicho, Minami Ward, Kyoto

Eat, play, and shop: A day of fun for everyone at AEON MALL KYOTO!
Disclaimer: All information is accurate at time of publication.


Update-date: Jun 08 2024

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