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A commuter town of Tokyo. Famous for Soka senbei Rice crackers and Soka Matsubara.

Area Map

Soka used to prosper as a post town on the Nikko Kaido highway during the Edo Period. The avenue of pine trees along the highway made the town famous as Soka Matsubara, literally a pine avenue of Soka. Now a stone-paved, 1.5 kilometer-long walking trail is prepared and is popular among the locals as a place for relaxation and refreshment. As rice cultivation was popular in the Edo Period, Soka senbei rice cracker became a very famous local specialty. About fifty years ago a series of constructions of large scale multi-unit apartments started, and the city’s population has rapidly grown, transformed the rural area to a commuter town of Tokyo. However, now the city is under another renovation including the reconstruction of the deteriorated apartments and redevelopment of the townscape to retain the old post town ambience. You will see a reborn Soka City.
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    Soka Station
    2-5-25, Takasago, Soka-shi, Saitama

    Access from major landmarks

    Tokyo Station - Soka Station
    From Tokyo Station to Akihabara Station
    Four minutes (via JR Yamanote Line)
    From Akihabara Station to Kita-Senju Station
    Ten mintues (via Tsukuba Express)
    From Kita-Senju Station to Soka Station
    Ten minutes (via Tobu Sky Tree Line)

    Souka station - Soka Matsubara
    From Souka station to Matsubara-Danchi Station
    Two minutes (via Tobu Sky Tree Line)
    From Matsubara-Danchi Station to Soka Matsubara
    Approx. Five minutes by walk

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