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The birthplace of a good old downtown taste, Monja-yaki.
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The local specialty representing the atmosphere of a traditional downtown Tokyo is "Monja-yaki." It is a simple food made by mixing flour, water and ingredients like cabbage, seasoned with Worcestershire sauce, then cooked on a griddle. Originally Monja-yaki was very simple and had little ingredients, but today, as many Monja diners look for their original taste, we have a wide variety of monja such as seafood monja with shrimps, squid and octopus, curry-taste monja, cod roe & cheese monja, etc. Now in Tsukishima area, about seventy monja diners are gathering along the Nishi-Nakadori shopping street. You can compare them and decide which monja best suits your taste.
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    Tsukishima station
    1-3-9, Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

    Access from major landmarks

    From Tokyo station to Yurakucho station
    ・One minutes (via JR Ymanote Line)
    From Yurakucho station to Tsukishima station
    ・Five minutes (via Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)

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