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Atera no Nanataki Waterfall

Tender greenery in spring, red & yellow leaves in fall,
cool and refreshing atmosphere in summer - a series of beautiful seven waterfalls.
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Atera no Nanataki Waterfall
Atera-no-Nanataki, literally the seven waterfalls of Atera, is a series of waterfalls where the water is running down plateaus which makes seven steps of waterfalls. Each waterfalls has its unique name, and there is a legend that Abe-no-Seimei, an ancient whitch doctor, trained himself in these waterfalls. From the bottom only four waterfalls are in your sight, but at a certain place on the stairs you can see the upper waterfalls. The best season to visit is between the late spring and summer. Glittering water running down under the green tunnel formed by the trees is breathtakingly beautiful. You can enjoy a hike on Tokai Nature Promenade along the waterfall area, and feel the nature.
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    25-3, Shimoyoshida, Sawatani-shita, Shinshiro-shi, Aichi Shimoyoshida Sawatani

    Access from major landmarks

    Nagoya Station - Atera-no-Nanataki

    From Nagoya Station to Toyohashi Station
    Twenty minutes (via JR Shinkansen Hikari)
    From Toyohashi Station to Mikawaono Station
    Sixty-three minutes (via JR Iida Line)
    From Mikawaono Station to Nana takiguch bus stop
    Fifteen minutes (via bus)
    From Nana takiguch bus stop to Atera-no-Nanataki
    Approx. Fifteen minutes by walk

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