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Samurai Museum

Japanese armors, war helmets, and Japanese swords!
This is the place to learn everything about samurais.
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Samurai Museum
Located at the biggest pleasure quarter in Japan, Kabuki-cho, the Samurai Museum is gathering many people, both Japanese and non-Japanese. As many beautiful Japanese armors, war helmets, and katanas (Japanese swords) are displayed with detailed information boards (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean) to understand the Samurai Spirit, you will soon become a Samurai expert.
You can also enjoy exciting sword battle and iai (instantaneous drawing of a sword) performances by actors who appear on movies and TV shows. There is an area where you can put on an armor and a helmet, and take a unique picture by your camera. That will make a great souvenir photo!
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2-25-6, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Access from major landmarks

JR Shinjuku Station east exit 8-minute walk
Or Seibu-Shinjuku Station 4-minute walk

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