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Todaiji Temple

The largest bronze statue of Buddha in Japan.
This is the place EVERYBODY visits when he/she is in Nara!
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Todaiji Temple
The World's largest bronze statue of Buddha. That's the symbol of Nara. Todaiji is the temple where the statue of Buddha is located. There are many historical buildings in the precinct including the great Buddha hall that is the world's largest wooden architecture, the great south gate, and Nigatsudo hall.
The highlight of the temple is the statue of Buddha. It took twelve years and totally 2 million men to build the bronze statue, and completed in 752. The statue was originally plated with approximately 435 kg of gold, and the total cost was, expressed as a present value, as much as 465.7 billion yen! It was really a gorgeous statue.
Also there are many valuable Buddhist statues and architectures in the temple complex, including Buddhist statues that are designated as national treasures. The area is also rich in natural beauties -- you can have a relaxing time surrounded by the nature regardless of the season and the time of the day.
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    82, minamiinhatake, Suimoncho, Nara-shi, Nara

    Access from major landmarks

    From the JR / Kintetsu NARA station to daibutsuden Kasuga-Taisha Mae, bus
    From daibutsuden Kasuga-Taisha Mae to Todai-ji Temple, 5 minutes.

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