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Yokohama Landmark Tower

The skyscraper symbolizing
the MM (Minato Mirai) district.
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Yokohama Landmark Tower
The MM (Minato Mirai: Future Port) district was designed to blow a fresh breeze into the traditional yet elegant townscape and the culture of Yokohama and to make a new Yokohama that the past and the future are blended in harmony with each other. The 70-storey, 296 meters (971 ft.) Yokohama Landmark Tower is exactly the symbol of that concept. It is a commercial complex containing a hotel, shopping mall, restaurants, multi-purpose hall and offices. From the observation deck on 69th floor, you can view Tokyo in the north and Mt. Fuji in the west. Enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful night view of the port town while sipping your favorite drink at Sky cafe will provide you a valuable relaxing time. You can spend romantic hours that are different from the busy daytime.
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    The Yokohama Landmark Tower
    2-2-1, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

    Access from major landmarks

    From Tokyo station to Yokohama station
    ・Twenty-five minutes (via Tokaido Line)
    Form Yokohama station to Minatomirai station
    ・Three minutes (via Minatomirai Line)

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