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A castle town prospered as a small Edo Many historic buildings including castle ruins and warehouses.

Area Map

Kawagoe used to be a big city prospered as a castle town of the Kawagoe Domain, a protector of the Edo Shogunate, and called “small Edo.” Because of the accessibility to the capital city of Edo, many shrines and temples were established, and the domain's production increasing policy made many successful merchants who built mansions and warehouses to display their prosperity. Luckily Kawagoe was unaffected by any war damages or earthquake disasters, those historic buildings and the townscape has been kept intact to this day. As it is not far from Tokyo yet you can experience the ambience of traditional Japan, the Kawagoe townscape is very popular. In 2014, about 6.6 million people came to visit the city, and the number of foreigners has been rapidly increasing. The city is also full of restaurants and a variety of shops. Why don’t you just come and experience the ambience?


    Kawagoe Station
    24-9, Wakitamachi, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama

    Access from major landmarks

    Shinjuku Station - Kawagoe Station
    From Shinjuku Station to Omiya Station
    Thirty minutes (via JR Saikyo Line)
    From Omiya Station to Kawagoe Station
    Twenty minutes (via JR Kawagoe Line)

    Ikebukuro - Kawagoe Station
    Thirty minutes (via Tobu Tojo Line)

    From Shibuya station - Kawagoe station
    Sixty minutes (via Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line)

    From Seibushinjuku station - Honkawagoe station
    Forty-five minutes (via limited express koedo-go)

    Attractions near Kawagoe

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