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Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

One of the representative places in Tokyo for cherry blossom viewing.
Relax and relieve yourself in the garden surrounded by green woods.
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Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
Shinjuku Gyoen national garden, was originally built as a feudal lord's mansion, then became an imperial garden where cherry blossoms/chrysanthemum viewing parties were held for upper class people. The garden was open for commons after the WW II, providing people a brief moment of quiet rest.
As one of the largest gardens in Tokyo with the area of 583,000 square-meter (approx. 144 acre), the garden provides one of a few places you can relax and relieve yourself in the busy, crowded city of Tokyo.
You can enjoy the refreshing environment and the quiet and peaceful atmosphere all around the year, but the busiest season is spring, the cherry blossom season. More than 1,000 Yoshino cherry (Prunus yedoensis) trees in full bloom in the early April is just overwhelming. You can have a cherry blossom viewing party, but bringing in alcoholic drinks is not allowed. Be careful!
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    11 naitomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

    Access from major landmarks

    (Shinjuku gate) From subway Shinjuku Gyoen station 5 minutes on foot.
    (Sendagaya gate) From the JR sendagaya station 5 minutes on foot.

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