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Ise Shrine pilgrimage
Country of abundant food supply
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Mie Area Map

"Pilgrimage to Ise Shrine” has long been a dream of common people in Japan for a long time, the history can go back to the Edo era. Today many people are still coming to the shrine to pray from all over Japan. In the seacoast area you can enjoy the beautiful sawtooth coast as well as visit the Ise Shrine, and in the mountain area you can enjoy fall-leaf viewing, mountain climbing, and skiing. Mie is also known as a big producer of seafood such as big lobsters, abalones, oysters, and globefish. That is a reason why the area has long been called as a country of foodstuff. Why don’t you enjoy the local cuisine after visiting the Ise Shrine?
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    Access from major landmarks

    Kansai Airport - Tsu station
    From Kansai Airport to Tennoji station
    Thirty-one minutes (via JR limited express Haruka)
    From Tennoji station to Tsuruhashi station
    Six minutes (via JR Osaka Loop Line)
    From Tsuruhashi station to Tsu station
    Seventy-six minutes (via Kintetsu Meihan Expressway former limited express)

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