Restaurant ranking

Restaurant ranking


1.Nurukan Sato

Roppongi, Tokyo

Japanese / Crab,Japanese / Kaiseki (traditional multi-course meal),Alcohol / Sake

From Editor

Savor the flavors of Japanese sake at different temperatures with a little help from Nurukan Sato's manager, who helps you decide your favorites through blind taste tests.

2. Kyoto Gion Tempura Yasaka Endo

Gion/Higashiyama, Kyoto

Japanese / General,Japanese / Tempura (battered, fried seafood and vegies),Japanese / Kyoto cuisine

We prepare a variety of tempura (deep fried foods) from season to season, with young sweetfish or bamboo shoots in the spring, to goby, matsutake mushrooms, and ginkgo nuts in the fall. Experience the freshness that Kyoto's f

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3.Otaru Masazushi Ginza

Ginza, Tokyo

Japanese / Sashimi (raw fish)/Seafood,Japanese / Sushi,Alcohol / Sake

From Editor

Otarumasazushi Ginza serves fine sushi and sashimi, fresh from Hokkaido, as well as other delicious seafood that is always seasonally prepared by their skillful master chef.

4.Teppan-yaki Kokoro

Kobe/Harborland, Hyogo

Japanese / Teppanyaki (grilled foods),Western / Steak,Western / Teppanyaki (grilled foods)

From Editor

Indulge in Teppanyaki featuring renowned Kobe beef from the Tajima and Awaji cattle strains - all the while enjoying a spectacular view of Kobe Port from the counter.

5.Teppanyaki Steak Kisentei

Roppongi, Tokyo

Japanese / Teppanyaki (grilled foods),Japanese / General

From Editor

Right at your table, the expert staff at Kisentei sukiyaki/shabushabu restaurant (sister of long-established Ningyocho Imahan) will energetically grill your beef, abalone or lobster.

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From the center of trends to the ancient Edo ambience,
ever evolving capital of Japan.
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Tokyo Area Map

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is evolving. Tokyo Skytree, the new symbol of Tokyo. Tokyo Station, reconstructed and restored to its original figure of a beautiful brick building when it was first built a hundred years ago. Tokyo is always changing. Yet the city accommodates the Imperial Palace surrounded by green trees and retains the downtown atmosphere of the Edo Period. Of course it satisfies all your needs from shopping to gourmet and entertainments. You can go anywhere in short time with the highly developed traffic system throughout Tokyo. When you stroll around the city, you can find your favorite Tokyo experience.
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Access from major landmarks

From Haneda Airport to Hamamatucho station
・Twenty minutes (via Tokyo Monorail)
From Hamamatucho station to Tokyo station
・Five minutes (via JR Yamanote Line)

Attractions in Tokyo

Whether it will be your first visit to Tokyo or you're already an experienced connoisseur, our guide to things to see and places to go in Tokyo will cover all what you might need to know.




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  • Ueno/Yanaka


    Yanaka Shopping Street

  • Asagaya/Koenji



  • Nakano



  • Ueno/Yanaka


    Ueno Park

  • Odaiba/Tsukishima/Toyosu



  • Shinjuku


    Golden Gai

  • Kinshicho/Hikifune


    Tokyo Skytree

  • Asakusa


    Kitchen Museum in Kappabashi

  • Ikebukuro


    Batting Cage

  • Roppongi


    Hedgehog Cafe -Play with the hedgehogs-

  • Roppongi


    Bunny Cafe -Take a walk with the bunny-

  • Harajuku/Omotesando


    Snake cafe -Put a snake around your neck-

  • Kanda


    Owl Cafe -Drink with the owls-

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