Koban(Police Box)

A Koban(Police Box) is a small neighborhood police station found in Japan.
Koban(Police Box) will help you with directions, lost and found and crime reports.


Koban(Police Box)

Emergency phone numbers

English speaking operators on duty 24/7

Police Urgent 110
Lost and Found (03) 3814-4151
General Information (03) 3501-0110 (Japanese/English)
(03) 3503-8484 (English & Several Other Foreign Languages)
Fire/Ambulance 119
Hospital Information (03) 5285-8181
The Japan Help-Line (0120) 461-997

Source: http://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/arrange/essential/telephone.html (Japan National Tourism Organization, the official guide)

Public phones

Public phones

How to make free emergency calls from public telephones

Lift the receiver, press the red emergency call button, and dial the emergency number (e.g., 110, 119).
Or, if do not find the red button, just dial 110 or 119 for a free call. (See the phone on the right)

What to do If Your Passport is Lost or Stolen

Please go to your nearest Koban(Police Box) and file a police report, then contact your country’s embassy or consulate to schedule an emergency appointment.
Below is the information of all Embassies and Consulates in Japan provided by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.