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20 restaurants favored by visitors to Japan

20 restaurants favored by the Japan Visitors

Sushi, Tempura, Ramen, Shabu-Shabu, Teppanyaki...
Definitely, you don’t want to miss the chance to experience the “BEST and REAL Japanese cuisine” during your stay in Japan. However, there are so many choices of restaurants, and it is difficult to find the right one just getting information from guidebooks.
SAVOR JAPAN thrilled to roll out the Top20 restaurants ranking based on our reservation statistical data from January to June 2018. Our ranking clearly shows that the guests who are visiting Japan have excellent taste. They prefer high-end Wagyu beef restaurants and restaurants with star ratings, followed by Washoku (Japanese cuisine) and Sushi restaurants, and the guests are satisfied with the service and quality of Japanese hospitality as well.

Here is the real ranking by Japan Visitors in pictures.

1. Miyazaki Beef Teppanyaki Steak Miyazaki-kan, Osaka

Miyazaki Beef Teppanyaki Steak Miyazaki-kan, Osaka

Miyazaki Beef Teppanyaki Steak Miyazaki-kan, Osaka

Miyazaki Beef Teppanyaki Steak Miyazaki-kan, Osaka

Top-grade Miyazaki beef always ready to greet you.

“Miyazaki-kan” uses only Miyazaki beef made in-house - they are involved in every stage of the process, from production to management. By hotly searing the surface of the meat, all of its delicious flavors are sealed in through the quintessential Teppan-yaki cooking method, meaning the ingredients are served to you at their most delicious. That is the reason why they win the first place three-year straight.

2. En, Kyoto

En, Kyoto;

En, Kyoto

En, Kyoto

Enjoy chef’s great hospitality through the exclusive dish.

All their dishes are made from scratch and possess its unique flavor. Even with "so," a traditional Japanese dairy product, they insist upon freshness. The color is something that is completely different from processed food products, and the flavor is unlike anything else. And the chef "Mr. Suzuki" decided to Not have fixed closing time since he opened “En”. He wants to guests relax until they finish the meal. Your stomach will be filled with happiness along with the delicious meal, but also his hospitality.

3. Teramachi Yoshikura, Kyoto

Teramachi Yoshikura, Kyoto

Teramachi Yoshikura, Kyoto

Teramachi Yoshikura, Kyoto

Just looking at it is delicious, “Kyo-kaiseki”

“Kyo-kaiseki” is an art form and balances taste, color, and texture. The “Teramachi Yoshikura” like you to experience their high-quality cuisine. It is executed with simple seasonings that evoke the flavors of its ingredients and the bounty of nature found in Kyoto's seasonal vegetables. And they take great care in their presentation, making the most of both the dishware they use and their ingredients.

4. Yakiniku Motoyama Shinjuku Branch, Tokyo

  • Yakiniku Motoyama Shinjuku Branch, Tokyo

  • “Yakiniku Motoyama” offers high-quality beef from their trusted suppliers. Their recommendation, the "Chuck Flap" among all the cuts of Japanese Black Wagyu beef is raised in a warm climate in Miyazaki, and it has a good balance between lean meat and marbling.

5. Sumibi Yakiniku Goemon Sannomiya Branch, Hyogo

  • Sumibi Yakiniku Goemon Sannomiya Branch, Hyogo

  • Their specialty is the world-renowned Kobe beef. The soft, melting texture due to a low melting temperature and the rich, savory flavor is what makes this beef distinct. Soft meat seasoned with crystal salt, “Hime Yaki Shabu” on the menu, is especially recommended dish to order.

6. Muromachi Wakuden, Kyoto

  • Muromachi Wakuden, Kyoto

  • In 1870, The “Muromachi Wakuden” started as a Ryokan (Japanese style hotel). They provide counter seats where guests may observe the chef, a master at the height of his craft whose dishes perfectly embody the seasonality of Kyoto kaiseki cuisine.

7. Otaru Masazushi Main Branch, Hokkaido

  • Otaru Masazushi Main Branch, Hokkaido

  • They run a business for over 70 years in Otaru, Hokkaido. You will enjoy the traditional Otaru sushi with the rich rice produced in Hokkaido also.

8. Teppanya Benbe Mita Branch, Tokyo

  • Teppanya Benbe Mita Branch, Tokyo

  • You will enjoy Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki (Japanese-style pancake) and Teppanyaki (Japanese style Cooking prepared on a hot steel plate) here. The "Uni Horen” which combines rich sea urchin, spinach, and fresh eggs is the most popular dish.

8. Makimura, Tokyo

  • Makimura, Tokyo

  • “Makimura” serves Kaiseki and use hand-picked, seasonal ingredients. The dish that they recommend most highly is their "Taichazuke," an authentic sea bream dish made with sea bream, rice, and green tea.

8. Matsunaga Bokujo Ginza Main Store, Tokyo

  • Matsunaga Bokujo Ginza Main Store, Tokyo

  • The Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurant “Matsunaga Bokujo” in Ginza, they buy whole Shimane Wagyu beef, which is certificated by Shimane prefecture. To keep the freshness of the meat, they slice it after receiving orders and bring to your table.

11. Yakiniku & Seafood Kaen Shinjuku East Exit Branch, Tokyo

  • Yakiniku & Seafood Kaen Shinjuku East Exit Branch, Tokyo

  • “Kaen” offers a range of choice cuts of A5 grade Japanese Black Wagyu beef - from rare cuts like "top blade" and "chuck flap", to giblets. You will enjoy the differences between the cuts - including the flavors, degrees of fat, texture, and aromas.

12. Sushi Fujita, Tokyo

  • Sushi Fujita, Tokyo

  • At “Sushi Fujita”, the chef prioritizes using fresh and seasonal ingredients and other exquisite delicacies. Savor the tender texture and refreshing taste of conger eel in a modern Japanese interior.

12. Kobe Yakiniku Kanteki, Tokyo

  • Kobe Yakiniku Kanteki, Tokyo

  • Enjoy Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) in the middle of Tokyo, Shibuya. They offer fresh and tender Japanese Black Wagyu beef which is sent directly from the meat market.

12. Ubuka, Tokyo

  • Ubuka, Tokyo

  • This restaurant specializes in Japanese shellfish such as Botan Ebi (shrimp), Ise Ebi (lobster) and Zuwai Gani (snow crab), cooked in various ways; fried, steamed and sashimi dishes, pair well with wine and Japanese sake.

15. Oryori Kifune, Ishikawa

  • Oryori Kifune, Ishikawa

  • “Oryori Kifune,” located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, and the restaurant is in a traditional Japanese house next to the river. The chef will offer you delicious cuisines using local ingredients.

15. Honba No Aji Maruaki, Gifu

  • Honba No Aji Maruaki, Gifu

  • “Maruaki” is located in Hida, Ishikawa prefecture. They are specialized Hida Beef and offering at the reasonable price. Sirloin, rib eye steak and special boneless short rib are served in a generous 300g portion with local sake brewed.

15. Kobe Harborland Sandaya, Hyogo

  • Kobe Harborland Sandaya, Hyogo

  • “Sandaya” offers high-quality Kobe Beef and locally-raised Japanese Wagyu Beef choose by "Meat Specialist". You will have unforgettable experience in a calm atmosphere featuring live piano music.

18. Sumibi Yakiniku Tsurugyu, Osaka

  • Sumibi Yakiniku Tsurugyu, Osaka

  • In Osaka, Yakiniku restaurant “Sumibi Yakiniku Tsurugyu”, you will enjoy finely-marbled, rare cut of tenderness beef steak in a stylish natural wood interior. The beef features perfect marbling, and you will truly experience the flavor of this red meat.

18. Honkaku Edomae Zushi Matsuki Sushi, Gifu

  • Honkaku Edomae Zushi Matsuki Sushi, Gifu

  • “Honkaku Edomae Zushi Matsuki Sushi” exists for those savvy consumers who feel that one should never have to choose between surf or turf. The Hida beef kaiseki course meal, a stellar blend of both, includes a juicy Hida beef steak, an 8-piece set of the sushi of the day, crab soup, and pudding made from fresh Hida cattle milk.

20. Teppan-yaki Kokoro, Hyogo

  • Teppan-yaki Kokoro, Hyogo

  • One of the best dining locations in Kobe, "Teppan-yaki Kokoro" transforms Kobe beef into delectable dishes using vibrant culinary techniques that are expertly complemented by the breathtaking ocean view from the window.

20. Kobe Nikusho Ichiya, Hyogo

  • Kobe Nikusho Ichiya, Hyogo

  • The recommendation dish “roast beef rice bowl” at this Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurant. They created this dish for the guests who want to eat a plentiful amount of that highest grade beef rarely gotten elsewhere, taking only the most delicious cuts of beef and roasting them.

20. Kobe Steak Sai Dining, Hyogo

  • Kobe Steak Sai Dining, Hyogo

  • “Kobe State Sai Dining” offers lunch reasonable lunch course. Cuts of A5 grade Kobe beef carefully selected for their richness in savory umami (pleasant savory taste) flavor, potage, salad, grilled vegetables, and your choice of rice or bread and coffee or black tea.

We hope this article helps you enjoy a wonderful dining experience in Japan.