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20 restaurants favored by visitors to Japan

20 restaurants favored by visitors to Japan

What restaurants do foreigners prefer when visiting Japan? Here are the 20 restaurants most frequently reserved* by foreign visitors in 2016.*Reserved through Savor Japan.

1. Miyazaki Beef Teppanyaki Steak Miyazaki-kan, Osaka

Miyazaki Beef Teppanyaki Steak Miyazaki-kan, Osaka

Miyazaki Beef Teppanyaki Steak Miyazaki-kan, Osaka

Miyazaki Beef Teppanyaki Steak Miyazaki-kan, Osaka

Select Miyazaki beef and live seafood from a fish tank are prepared as teppanyaki (hot plate grilled) right at your table. Foreign visitors are drawn by the authentic wagyu brand beef, entertaining preparation, attentive service and positive approach to handling the needs of guests from abroad.

2. Sumibi Yakiniku Tsurugyu, Osaka

Sumibi Yakiniku Tsurugyu, Osaka<

Sumibi Yakiniku Tsurugyu, Osaka<

Sumibi Yakiniku Tsurugyu, Osaka<

Charcoal-grilled Tajima beef yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) and fine wines are served in a sophisticated natural wood interior, with striking red chairs, that fuses Japanese and Korean design. Tsurugyu is covered by foreign media and frequented by bloggers from abroad.

3. Makimura, Tokyo

Makimura, Tokyo

Makimura, Tokyo

Makimura, Tokyo

Guests enjoy authentic Japanese kaiseki (multi-course cuisine)including signature taichazuke (natural sea bream on Koshihikarai brand rice from Uonuma topped with sesame sauce). All dishes are prepared to bring out the best taste of the seasonal ingredients in a well-established, sophisticated Japanese atmosphere.

4. Aji Fukushima, Kyoto

  • Aji Fukushima, Kyoto

  • This kappo style restaurant nestled one block from Shijo Hanamikoji Street, which is renowned for its Kyoto ambience, features a refined yet unadorned Sukiya-zukuri style architecture and serves omakase (chef’s choice) courses that change with the season.

5. Ubuka, Tokyo

  • Ubuka, Tokyo

  • This restaurant specializes in Japanese shellfish such as botan ebi (botan shrimp), ise ebi (lobster) and zuwai (snow crab), which are served in various fried, steamed and sashimi dishes with matching wine and Japanese sake.

5. En, Kyoto

  • En, Kyoto

  • Enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine made with integrity by a chef who prepares nearly everything from scratch without eccentricity. Seats are limited to seven, ensuring that every guest is showered with attention and timely service. The rich flavors of the select ingredients are delightful.

7. Sushi Iwase, Tokyo

  • Sushi Iwase, Tokyo

  • Frequented by gourmets in the Shinjuku area, this sushi restaurant with simple, dignified atmosphere serves sushi and appetizers in an omakase (chef’s choice) course.

7. Ishibekoji Kamikura, Kyoto

  • Ishibekoji Kamikura, Kyoto

  • Reservations are required at this popular Japanese restaurant in Ishibekoji. Guests enjoy a full course meal of Kyoto cuisine featuring seasonal ingredients from local markets in a sophisticated and reserved Japanese atmosphere.

9. Nukumi, Hokkaido

  • Nukumi, Hokkaido

  • Sapporo's indisputable leader in Japanese cuisine is attentive to every detail from selection of ingredients to food preparation and serving tableware. Guests can relax and enjoy their meals in a calm atmosphere while also savoring carefully selected Japanese sake that matches the food.

10. Sushisai Wakichi, Hokkaido

  • Sushisai Wakichi, Hokkaido

  • Even in highly competitive Sapporo, Sushisai Wakichi stands out like a gem. It continues to refine the art of sushi making and add subtle originality without being influenced by trends.

10. Yuba Higashiyama Yuuzu, Kyoto

  • Yuba Higashiyama Yuuzu, Kyoto

  • Directly managed by Kyo Miyama Yuba Yuuzu, which distributes Miyama yuba (soymilk skin) to first-class hotels and ryotei (exclusive traditional Japanese restaurants), this restaurant serves kaiseki (multi-course cuisine), using seasonal ingredients from the local Miyama and Tamba districts of Kyoto, and Miyama yuba made from carefully selected Kyoto soybeans and Miyama water.

12. Otaru Masazushi Shinjuku Branch, Tokyo

  • Otaru Masazushi Shinjuku Branch, Tokyo

  • The Shinjuku Branch of renowned Otaru Masazushi Zenan, which established Sushi Shop Street in Otaru, Hokkaido, serves seafood shipped directly from its shops in Hokkaido. The morning catch arrives by air to ensure Shinjuku guests enjoy the same delicious freshness experienced in Otaru.

13. Oshokuji to Goenkai no Mise Kumagera, Hokkaido

  • Oshokuji to Goenkai no Mise Kumagera, Hokkaido

  • The sousaku (creative) non-genre cuisine features ingredients locally grown in Furano, a treasure trove of agricultural produce. Its spacious interior is artfully decorated with wooden objects discovered in the rivers of Nakafurano and Sorachi, as well as vines from the Rokugo mountains.

13. Sushi Gyoten, Fukuoka

  • Sushi Gyoten, Fukuoka

  • Only the finest ingredients procured at exclusive markets through special relationships are served at this popular restaurant. The simple interior has the aesthetics of a tea ceremony room.

15. Otaru Masazushi Zenan, Hokkaido

  • Otaru Masazushi Zenan, Hokkaido

  • Otaru Masazushi Zenan faces Otaru Canal, a local tourist attraction, and is only a few blocks away from parent restaurant Masazushi on Sushi Shop Street. It serves traditional sushi at table seats as well as counter seats, where guests can observe the craftsmanship of sushi chefs right in front of them.

16. Tempura Fukamachi, Tokyo

  • Tempura Fukamachi, Tokyo

  • Edomae (Old Tokyo style) tempura made from carefully selected seasonal ingredients is fried in a blend of white sesame and other oil. Guests dip the tempura in delicious sauce containing mirin (sweet cooking rice wine), soy sauce and stock made from bonito flakes and kelp.

16. Terrace Dining TANGO, Tokyo

  • Terrace Dining TANGO, Tokyo

  • Dine on Italian cuisine while enjoying a magnificent view of Tokyo Tower. The fine ingredients from around the world are prepared in wide-ranging styles and flavors.

16. Shabutei Nishiumeda Branch, Osaka

  • Shabutei Nishiumeda Branch, Osaka

  • Discover the extraordinary quality of marbled A5 grade kuroge wagyu beef. Every guest, whether seated at the counter or a table, cooks the beef in his or her own shabu-shabu pot.

19. Sushi Minato, Hokkaido

  • Sushi Minato, Hokkaido

  • The chefs here are always challenging themselves to make continuous improvements in pursuit of perfect Edomae (Old Tokyo style) sushi. Guests enjoy the delicious results, as well as the pleasure of watching master craftsmen perform across the counter.

19. Shinjuku Kappo Nakajima, Tokyo

  • Shinjuku Kappo Nakajima, Tokyo

  • Orthodox course meals with small elements of surprise characterize this popular Japanese restaurant. Dishes include impeccable sashimi, colorful fresh vegetables and fish with tasty dressings, and splendid presentations that express the four seasons.

Our ranking clearly shows that foreigners visiting Japan have excellent taste. They prefer high-end wagyu beef restaurants and restaurants with star ratings, followed by washoku (Japanese cuisine)and sushi restaurants. We hope this article helps you enjoy a wonderful dining experience in Japan.