Origami Chopstick Wrapper: Swan Instructions in 11 Easy Steps

Origami Chopstick Wrapper: Swan Instructions in 11 Easy Steps

Publish-date: May 27 2016 Update-date: Aug 06 2019

While making your epicurean travels through the metropolitan hubs and back roads of Japan, you are likely to find yourself with a pair of bamboo chopsticks in hand. Whether dining in upscale eateries or hole-in-the-wall ramen shops, we invite you to add a dash of charm when dining out with chopstick wrapper origami. Keep reading below to learn how to make a graceful swan or try your hand at the grandeur of Mount Fuji or a whimsical boat.

How to Make an Origami Chopstick Wrapper Swan

Note: If the chopstick wrapper has color printed only on one side, begin folding with the white side facing you.

Step 1

origami chopstick wrapperFold the chopstick wrapper in half lengthwise. Unfold.

Step 2

origami chopstick wrapperUsing the crease from Step 1 as a reference, fold both sides down so that the top edge of the chopstick wrapper meets in the center.

Step 3

origami chopstick wrapperFold the left and right sides in toward the center from the top point. The creases made in Step 2 should meet in the center.

Step 4

origami chopstick wrapperFold down the top point using the triangle on the backside as a reference. Unfold.

Step 5

origami chopstick wrapperUsing the crease from Step 4 as a reference, fold three creases in the bottom half to create four equally divided sections.

Step 6

origami chopstick wrapperFold four more creases to divide each of the four sections created in Step 5 in half.

Step 7

origami chopstick wrapperUsing the creases made in Steps 5 and 6, collapse the bottom half of the chopstick wrapper so that it looks like an accordion (or a paper fan).

Step 8

origami chopstick wrapperFold the model in half so that the accordion creases touch.origami chopstick wrapperStep 8 completed.

Step 9

Origami Chopstick WrapperLock the accordion creases made in Step 7 by overlapping one crease over the other.

Step 10

Origami Chopstick WrapperForm the head by folding the top point down. (This is an outside reverse fold.)Origami Chopstick WrapperStep 10 completed.

Step 11

Origami Chopstick WrapperAdjust the body by carefully fanning the accordion creases. (Be sure to not unlock Step 9.)

Your Chopstick Wrapper Origami Swan is Complete

Origami Chopstick WrapperOrigami Chopstick Wrapper
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